Online Trading Specialist

 Aluma Capital Client Welcome Pack


Step 1: Success is a decision

Decide when you want to start trading and earning money from the stock market.

You will have to put in some effort to become a successful trader. You will have to learn how to use the trading platform and also keep track of the financial markets. Aluma Capital will have your Personal Trading Business up and running in no time and will be your one-stop Business Partner. 

Step 2 : Open a Trading Account

You can open your Demo & Live Trading Account by clicking the links on the right hand of the web page. Your Demo Account will be active for 30 days, practice Order Entry, Stop Loss & Take Profit Targets and other Trading Platform related course content. Click here to take our Interactive On-line Platform Trading Course

Step 3: Deposit Trading Funds

Remember that money makes money!The trader that deposits R 10 000 and make 10 % profit makes R 1000. The trader that deposits R 100 000 and makes 10% makes R 10 000. And they both did the exact same amount of work. View and treat this new venture as your Own Business, for that is exactly what it is. You will buy and sell inventory (Trading CFDs) in order to make a profit / loss just like any other business out there. At least with your Own Trading Business you can decide what hours you want to work, where you want to work from and live your life your way without worrying about staffing issues, fixed business address and all the other issues you can think of. 

So, make sure you deposit enough money into your trading account. #moneymakesmoney 

Step 4 : Education / Mentoring

Read and work through the training & mentoring material we have provided to you. Without doing this you will not have the knowledge to operate the trading platform, and will not be able to trade profitable. 

Make sure to read the following documents (Click on the Links below to download the documents):

Step 5 : Trade Idea SMS

Once you have an Open & Funded Trading account you will receive our high-probability trade idea SMS to start actively trading.

Step 6 : Trading Research

Make use of the Research Reports and Analysis on the Aluma Capital website. (Click on the Links)

1)      The Morning Note

The morning Note provides a daily market update. Active traders should read the morning note on a daily basis to keep up to date with what is happening in the market.

2)      CFD Analysis

The CFD analysis provides in depth analysis on the Top 40 companies in South Africa. Active Trades should read the analysis in they want keep track of the latest technical analysis of these companies.

This research is easy to read and understand.

3)      Trade Ideas

Under the Trade Ideas section we have additional Trade Ideas. The trades are explained in detail with research and graphs. This section is perfect for the Active Trader that is looking for new/additional trades in the market. 


Trading Platform Training

Learn to trade online – The ‘How To Video Series’

When you join Aluma Capital , you get access to one of South Africa's top live financial market trading applications. Our trading system offers everything from one-click-chart-trading to an advanced technical analysis package. Whether you're building a long-term local equity portfolio or trading intraday FX on your mobile phone we consider this an essential financial market tool. But while rapid technological advances have put amazing power in your hands, it's essential for you understand how to fully harness that power.


The ‘How To Video Series’ covers:

  • A basic introduction to trading.
  • Getting acquainted with your personal front-end on PC, tablet and smart phone.
  • How to place buy and sell orders.
  • Risk management: Placing stop losses and take profits.
  • How to set up your charts and indicators.

Our valued clients can watch the Platform Training Videos here to become familiar with the online trading platform and proficient to execute trading orders. The videos are grouped together in 7 segments consisting of 14 Videos for your convenience and based upon our in house PT3 Basic User Guide.

Risk Disclaimer: Trading Futures, Forex, CFDs and Stocks involves a risk of loss. Please consider carefully if such trading is appropriate for you. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Articles and content on this website are for entertainment purposes only and do not constitute investment recommendations or advice.