Online Trading Specialist

Smartphone & Tablet Trading Platform Training

Learn to trade online – The ‘How To Video Series’When you join Aluma Capital , you get access to one of South Africa's top live financial market trading applications. Our trading system offers everything from one-click-chart-trading to an advanced technical analysis package. Whether you're building a long-term local equity portfolio or trading intraday FX on your mobile phone we consider this an essential financial market tool. But while rapid technological advances have put amazing power in your hands, it's essential for you understand how to fully harness that power.

The ‘How To Video Series’ covers:

  • A basic introduction to trading.
  • Getting acquainted with your personal front-end on PC, tablet and smart phone.
  • How to place buy and sell orders.
  • Risk management: Placing stop losses and take profits.
  • How to set up your charts and indicators.

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